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You have always been interested in viewing TV displays; however, you simply do not have the time to devote to them. Is it normal for you to have to work eight hours a day at your place of employment? Download Jio TV MOD APK.

Jio Tv Mod Apk Without Jio Sim
Jio Tv Mod Apk Without Jio Sim


You should take care of your spouse and children when you return home. Furthermore, you are required to perform the assigned task at home. As a result, you will not be able to watch much television. A software firm known as Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited, which is based in Gurgaon, has launched a service known as JioTV in response to customer demands.

Jio Tv Apk For Android Tv
Jio Tv Apk For Android Tv

Users are able to view television channels directly on their telephones by using the program. In order to watch your favorite shows, you do not need to sit down at home, in front of the television screen. In order to access this program, all you will need is a smartphone connected to the system. Whenever you have spare time, you may watch it anywhere. The JioTV program is a wonderful program you should not overlook if you are a fan of watching TV. In light of the fact that the program has not been downloaded yet, what exactly are you waiting for?

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Features of JioTV APK: –

Jio Tv Mod Apk For Android Tv 2023
Jio Tv Mod Apk For Android Tv 2023

1- Live Broadcast

The website may only display replays and not live content, in contrast to regular television programs. By using this program, users are given the opportunity to observe all life as it is broadcast on television at precisely the same time. With this application, consumers will be able to pause or restart the application at any time, which is quite handy. Don’t worry if you do not have time to watch your favorite shows on TV due to forgetting that the time had passed or as a result of not having free time.

By means of this program, you will be able to view the entire application within seven days of purchase. The JioTV service is not meant for those upset about missing their favorite series.

2- Diverse Channels

In addition to supporting channels from national broadcasters, this program also supports channels from global broadcasters. Foreign channels with a variety of topics and content are also available, and this provides you with a number of choices. A variety of streaming services are available for those who wish to enjoy some films, such as Sony MAX, Zee Cinema HD, and HBO. For sports fans, Sony Six, Sony Ten, and Neo Sports are all options.

The games that are of the highest quality can be found here. A wide range of channels from a variety of genres can be found on the site, including channels dedicated to wildlife, music, and kids… all of which can be found by searching. It is anticipated that the program will provide the best encounters in its library of quality stations.

Jio Tv Download
Jio Tv Download

3- Content Management

You are able to manage the content you have seen or enjoyed through the program. It is possible to keep track of videos or movies you have viewed in your history, just in case you wish to keep track of what you have reviewed or watched in your history. A list of users’ favorite films can also be created so that they can easily access a record of their favorites. When you click on the heart icon at the bottom of the film description, you will be able to add this picture to a catalog.

Regardless, the program also includes a message that reminds customers about its existence. You will be able to keep up with your favorite series with this role. You will be notified of a reminder by the program during the time that the app broadcasts. Additionally, the program can provide you with a listing of shows or movies that are available in the environment, so you are aware of when the displays will be available.


Colors prominently featured in the program include red and white, which enticingly draw the viewer’s attention. Using this program is more convenient thanks to its four main tabs. It will begin with a bill entitled “TV”. This tab will provide access to the TV channels as well as the programs available on the TV. You will find a wide range of entertainment choices when you select the Channel listing. Featured in the next tab; within this tab, you will find information about the various features offered by the program.

There will be live games about various sports such as soccer, tennis, and others in the next category, “Sports”. In this tab, you will find a summary of all sports-related items. The best contests are available for you to participate in. Furthermore, it will be more focused on “News”, which is the display of the most recent news stories. There is an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for this application.

Jio Tv Apk Withuot Login
Jio Tv Apk Withuot Login

5- Live TV

In addition to offering live television stations, Jio TV also offers a number of other features. Due to this, you will be able to view the channels and shows that you prefer. Additionally, you will have the option of pausing and rewinding a television broadcast. In order to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

It is always possible to view your favorite show at a convenient time even if you miss it. Due to the applets, you are able to view the TV shows from the past week. This implies that you are able to view any TV display as many times as you wish.

6- a wide range of channels:

The program also includes sports stations such as Sony Seven, Sony Ten, and Neo Sports for sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, you will have access to over 100 HD television channels.

7- User Interface:

I also find the user interface of this Jio television application to be quite appealing. In addition to the intuitive user interface, it will take little time for you to become familiar with the application. The tab that is featured will enable you to browse the most popular and trending displays. Alternatively, you may explore the news tab to explore the most interesting stories of the day. This means that you do not need to put a lot of effort into understanding what’s happening around the globe.

Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, you may wish to visit the gaming tab to find out what is happening in your favorite sport. It also allows you to mark applications and channels as favorites. In addition, you will be able to record your favorite shows and view them at your convenience.

8- 7 Days Catch Up:

A 7-time catch-up feature is included in the Jio TV mod apk. This feature will ensure that you do not miss your favorite TV shows at all. A 7-day archive of your favorite shows is stored in the program. You have seven days to watch any episode of your favorite show if you missed watching it. Furthermore, you will be able to observe them several times without encountering any problems.

The ability to set reminders is another impressive feature of Jio TV. You may specify a reminder when there is anything you wish to observe. As a result, you will be reminded of the series when it arrives. We want to make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to see this display.

MOD Info: –

  • The system of Jio TV MOD APK will automatically log you in if you do not log in
  • Removing the restrictions associated with SIM cards
  • The third option is ad-free (no advertisements)
  • A screen mirroring function is available

How to Download & Install JioTV MOD APK?

  1. You may download JioTV MOD APK by clicking on the link below.
  2. Download and install Jio TV MOD APK (ensuring that “Allow from this source” is selected when prompted)
  3. Launch the JioTV application
  4. Permissions should be granted for Storage & Phone Calls (if not automatically granted, then manually enable it by navigating to App Settings > Permissions > Enable Permissions).
  5. With Auto-Login, you no longer have to log in with Jio 😎

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